Zi-Ballpoint Pen

Zi-Ballpoint Pen


Zi evokes your passion of writing on paper with its beautiful brass construction. Don’t be afraid to write your heart out.



•Rugged brass construction

•Smooth Rotary Mechanism

•Takes .5mm or .7mm Refills



•Material: Brass and Stainless Steel

•Dimensions: Ø9.5mm x 135mm (0.38in x 5.31in)

•Weight: 33g

•Refills: Ball-point

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Zi Pen: Purity in writing.


Zi is a conduit for your creativity. Its beautiful brass construction is unencumbered by excess, providing a simple, elegant tool to express yourself fully. 


Simply Different

Rather than use the typical retractable mechanism of most ballpoints, Zi uses a silent rotary mechanism to switch from stowed to extended with no noise to disrupt your thoughts or impede your creativity.


Look Elegant

There’s nothing quite like brass when simplicity and elegance are paramount. Zi’s quality is clear from the moment you pick it up, the pleasant heft conveying the steadfastness of your trusty writing instrument. The brass will take on a beautiful patina as you use it, giving it a glow all its own for years to come. 

Add Uniqueness

Zi comes with a special leather pen sleeve, whose unpretentious design is the perfect complement to Zi’s simple elegance.


•Material: Brass and Stainless Steel

•Dimensions: Ø9.5mm x 135mm (0.38in x 5.31in)

•Weight: 33g

•Refills: 0.7 or 0.5mm Ball-point